Club Policies


Pricing & Payment for Standard Memberships

For ease of our clientele we only charge payment once per month. All students will be charged for the following month of service. Club MMA accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express. All Payments are automatic and a valid card must be presented at time of sign-up. If your card expires or declines you have 15 days to provide a new card or a fee of $10 will be charged to your account for each additional 15 days that passes.



Freeze Account or Cancel Account

Club MMA can place memberships on hold or cancel them at any time with 15 days written advanced notice. Proper forms must be filled out! A hold or cancel request must be made in writing, please see the front desk for proper forms. Please note, a phone call, email or voicemail is not proper notification. Please fill out our forms to guarantee prompt change to your account.



Scheduled School Closings

Club MMA closes on most national holidays. Please always check our monthly calendar and newsletter for closings and changes. Club MMA also typically closes 1 week in the Summer and 1 week in December for Staff Training & Development and for necessary school updates. Staff development and continued education is necessary to maintain a high quality of martial arts so that we may continue to update the curriculum. Club MMA is dedicated to making sure our programs are the best they can be; unfortunately, closing the school is necessary to send our instructors out to gain this knowledge.


Payment is based on 4 weeks, therefor clients are paying for a total of 48 weeks per year. We do not charge extra for months containing more than 4 weeks and so we will not discount on months where the school is closed. We make every effort to keep closings to a minimum and will schedule make-up classes if we feel it is unfair. Club MMA reserves the right to close the school at any time and does not guarantee any number of classes for the monthly fee of payment.



Emergency Closings / Class Changes

Due to circumstances outside of our control, Club MMA may have to close or change schedule at last moments notice. Should Club MMA have to make a change or make a cancellation last minute, notifications can be found on our facebook page, on the general voicemail message at the school and we will also send the message out via “Twitter.”



Kids Make-Up Classes

Club MMA does not allow students to make-up classes on scheduled closings unless otherwise noted. Because the entire school is closed, no one student will fall behind due to these closings. For those students who had to miss class due to an illness or other absence, scheduled make-up classes are available. Please see the monthly calendar for scheduled make-up class times. These make-up classes are optional! Students may not attend a class that they are not scheduled to attend without permission from a Club MMA instructor or staff member!



Kids Class Change / Program Change

We understand that schedules change according to season and often children must change their class time/day. Club MMA will make every effort to try to accommodate these schedule conflicts. If you would like to change classes please obtain the necessary form at the front desk. Club MMA does not guarantee the requested change will be allowed. Club MMA will not compromise quality of class by putting too many children in a class.



Special Events

We often have special events for our students such as Seasonal Parties, Pizza Parties, Movie Nights and more. Look for upcoming events in our monthly newsletters or on the homepage of our website. Most events are open to the public so bring a freind or two to join in the fun.



Friend Nights / Parent Nights

The last week of every month is friend night or parents night in our Tae Kwon Tikes and Junior Jabbers. Friend night is a special night where students can bring a friend to their class time and we'll play some of our favorite games. All friends must bring a signed release form provided by Club MMA. On parent night we bring a parent/guardian out on the mat to join the kids. Please see the calendar for scheduled fun nights.



Private Lessons

If a student is struggling, interested in competing or interested in extra training time, all coaches schedule private lessons during non-class times. Please see desired coach to schedule an appointment.

Club Rules

Feel free to spectate, but please leave the coaching to the coaches.


Class Rules

• Students MUST Bow In and Bow Off the mats.

• Students MUST be in full uniform:

        Tikes/Juniors: Club MMA Tshirt, Club MMA

        Pants or Shorts and Belt

       BJJ: Approved BJJ Gi

        No Gi BJJ: Rashguard or Shirt,

        MMA Shorts or Grappling Tights

        Muay Thai: Club MMA Tshirt, Sash, Thai Shorts

• For safety, students should not wear any jewelry during class.

• For safety, all sparring equipment must be purchased at Club MMA or approved by staff.

• Finger and toenails must be kept neat and trimmed.

•All students must conduct themselves with Respect, Teamwork and Sportsmanship.


If students or spectators do not follow the rules created by Club MMA, students or spectators will be asked to follow the rules or dismissed from the school.



1. Mouth guard and groin protection are recommended, but not mandatory during sparring or sparring drills.

2. All wrestling will be LIGHT and CONTROLLED. Rules are as follows:

• All wrestling starts from the kneeling position, EXCEPT for no stripe white   belts (They MUST start in a position – Side Control, Guard, Mount, etc.)

• NO STRIKING of any kind. Absolutely NO SLAMS (from guard or   takedowns), and no spiking of the head.

• No attacks to the front of the windpipe (fingers in the throat), eyes (chin,   elbows, palms, fingers, etc.), or groin

• No pushing palms or elbows into the nose.

• No Neck Cranks.

• No small joint manipulation (fingers or toes).

• When sparring, lower-ranked students must move for higher ranked pairs.

• When wrestling and a student applies a submission, the other person must   tap the opponent or verbally tap out. TAP BEFORE IT HURTS! NO INJURIES   PLEASE; be aware of the submission you are applying to your opponent.

• ALL standing rounds must be conducted in the presence of a coach.

• Higher-ranking students must spar at their Lower-level opponent’s level.

• WHITE BELTS: NO attacks beneath the waist

• BLUE BELTS: Straight ankle locks and wrist locks are allowed.

• PURPLE BELTS: Kneebars and Toe holds are allowed.

In the event of an accidental injury, Instructor must be notified immediately!

Ohio Grappling Challenge Point System (Gi & No Gi)

• Takedowns: 2 points

• Sweep from Guard: 2 points

• Knee on Stomach Position: 2 points

• Guard Pass: 3 Points

• Rear Mount (Back Control) WITH HOOKS:

              4 Points

• Mount: 4 points

*You must hold position for 3 seconds to obtain points. Advantages WILL be scored.



1. All students MUST wear all Sparring Gear: Headgear, boxing gloves, mouth guard, groin protection (males only), and shin pads when participating in sparring, or sparring drills.

2. Absolutely NO sparring without full equipment

AND presence of a coach.

3. Male groin protection must be worn AT ALL TIMES. Female groin protection is recommended.

4. Higher ranking students must spar at their lower ranked opponent’s level.

5. All contact will be LIGHT and CONTROLLED to all legal target areas.

Legal target areas are as follows:

• Students with no sash may not spar with head contact however are still  required to wear headgear and mouthpiece; only light contact to the body and   legs is allowed. Once students have earned at least a gold sash, they may spar   with light contact to the head.

• All punches are allowed to the body and to the head.

• Elbows are NOT allowed. Knees are allowed to the body and legs (above knee)

• No knees to the head.

• Round kicks are allowed to both the inside and outside of the legs, both   above the knee. They are also allowed to the body and LIGHT CONTACT to the   head. No kicks directly to the front or side of the knee. Front, Side, and   Spinning Side Kicks are legal above the waistline.

• Students may clinch in sparring, all knee strikes above the opponent’s knee.   Pushing, Pulling, and Twisting are all legal to set up your strike.

• Opponent’s head may not be pulled down past the hip to apply a knee strike.

• Students may sweep or throw only with the permission AND presence of  a coach.

• NO strikes to the groin area

• Coaches will determine the acceptable level of contact during sparring and   sparring drills.

In the event of an accidental injury, Instructor must be notified immediately!

By training at Club MMA, you agree to abide by the following policies and rules.

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