Kids MMA • Ages 4 - 7

Tikes will learn martial arts basics including punches, kicks and blocks. In this MMA program, they will also begin the basics of grappling and self-defense. Each class the group has an important life lesson talk and through the balance of disciplined exercises and fun games, children will focus on building coordination, balance, agility, sportsmanship, teamwork and respect.


SCHEDULE Ages 4-5:

Monday, 5:15-5:45

Tuesday, 5:30-6:00

Wednesday, 5:15-5:45

Thursday, 5:30-6:00

Saturday, 9:00-9:30am


SCHEDULE Ages 6-7:

Monday, 6:00-6:30

Tuesday, 5:00-5:30

Wednesday, 6:00-6:30

Thursday, 5:00-5:30

Saturday, 9:45-10:15am



Kids MMA • Ages 8 - 12

The Junior Jabber puts more emphasis on Responsibility and Leadership as well as reinforces the skills taught in the TaeKwon Tikes Program. Students gain self-esteem as well as exercise their respect for others. Juniors will learn various styles of martial arts including Muay Thai and Grappling.



Monday, 6:45-7:30

Tuesday, 6:00-6:45

Wednesday, 6:45-7:30

Saturday, 10:30-11:15am

Teen MMA • Ages 12 - 15

We offer two different styles of Martial Arts for our Teens. Join in one or train both to become a well-rounded martial artist. Our Muay Thai class is Thai style kickboxing focusing on kicks, punches, knees and elbows. Our Teen Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class teaches the art of grappling and ground self-defense.



Muay Thai: Tuesday, 6:45-7:30


BJJ: Thursday, 6:45-7:30

BJJ: Friday, 6:15-7:00

All students begin with an Introductory Program consisting of an initial private lesson, 4 group classes and uniform before signing up at a monthly rate. Introductory Program is only $39.95. Click the orange box above, to get started now!


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