Club MMA opened in April of 2008 in a 3,000 square foot facility on the westside of Cincinnati. Today, Club MMA Cincinnati has expanded to over 11,000 square feet offering various in house martial arts programs, fitness programs and more. In 2019, Club MMA expanded opening its second location in Campbell County, Kentucky.


Our main purpose has always been to teach quality martial arts with superior customer service but above all to change peoples lives! We believe that together we can make a stronger, better community. Martial Arts isn't just about punching, kicking or wrestling; it's about becoming a better person! Regardless of your background, all are welcome at Club MMA!

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Mr. Jerry Clore began his martial arts journey at the age of 8 training karate for four years. He returned to the mats as an adult in 2006 training in both Muay Thai and MMA and a few years later put on a Gi to train BJJ. He spent several years in the cage, fighting in the local amateur MMA scene. Jerry joined the Club MMA team as a student in 2013 and joined the staff in 2019. His positive attitude, zest for life and magnificent personality makes him a huge asset to the Club MMA family.


Current Rank:

• MMA House System - 1st Degree Black Belt

• BJJ - Black Belt

• Muay Thai - Black Sash


Fight Record

• 4-2 Amateur MMA


Meet our Team!


Campbell County, Kentucky

Jeff Robison has lead the Club MMA staff as the Owner and Head Coach since 2008. Jeff started coaching full time in 2003 and has successfully coached students at the competitive level in Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do and MMA. Jeff has over 20 years experience in martial arts and has had the privilege to train in many gyms around the world. Jeff also spends time consulting for businesses, organizations and correctional facilities as well as other martial arts schools helping them increase sales, build programs and learn various styles of martial arts. Jeff is a very diverse martial artist; he is always seeking more knowledge, not just in the arts but also in leadership, communication skills and life coaching, all of which make him a more effective MMA coach.

• Tae Kwon Do

      - 6th Degree Black Belt

• Modern Arnis

      - Black Belt under Ken Smith

• Rister KALI

      - Black Belt under Jon Rister

Mr. Robison's Current Rank:

• Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

      - 2nd deg. Black Belt under David Meyer / John Will

• Muay Thai

      - Black Sash / KRU under Master Toddy

• Judo

      - Brown Belt under Jon Webster

• Filipino Martial Arts

      - Black Belt / GURO under Rick Teeple / John Helton

Owner, Head Coach

Mr. Nik Hoobler-Scherff a natural athlete and professional MMA fighter. He has been competing nearly all his life. Wrestling from an early age lit his competitive fire and his desire to physically challenge himself in the world of MMA. Once he began training in Muay Thai Kickboxing, he realized his destiny. He has been rigorously training and competing in Martial Arts ever since. Coach Hobbler joined Club MMA Staff full-time in 2011, coaching our Tikes, Junior Jabber, BJJ and Muay Thai programs.


Current Rank:

• MMA House System - 3rd Degree Black Belt

• BJJ - 1st Degree Black Belt

• Muay Thai - 2nd Degree Black Sash


Fight Record

• 7-1 Amateur MMA

• 1-1 Pro MMA

• 4-1 Muay Thai

• and lots of BJJ Medals, we quit counting...



Cincinnati, Ohio

Mr. Josh Geers graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2006, but it wasn’t until he began training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2008 that he found his true calling. A lifelong interest in Martial Arts kindled his desire to learn and it wasn’t until he began regularly training that he discovered his need to teach. Coach Geers joined Club MMA Staff full-time in 2009, coaching our Tikes, Junior Jabber, Muay Thai programs and After School Martial Arts programs. Josh shows his passion every class on the mat with his exciting fun-loving attitude. When he is not coaching he is training to continue to better himself and his students.


Current Rank:

• MMA House System - 3rd Degree Black Belt

• BJJ - Brown Belt

• Muay Thai - Black Sash


Cincinnati, Ohio

Mr. Blake Michaelis joined the Club MMA staff in 2021 after years of being a dedicated student. He holds rank in MMA, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His passion for people is evident in his coaching style and his dedication to improving his skill is evident in the many hours of training he does above and beyond his normal work day.


Current Rank:

• MMA House System - Black Belt

• BJJ - Blue Belt

• Muay Thai - Brown Sash




Cincinnati, Ohio

Abbie Clark Robison

Office Manager

Brittany Fischer

Front Desk Manager

Shannan Topolski

Campbell County Front Desk Staff

Mr. Joel Lippolis began training after his son started taking classes at Club MMA. Joel has spent his adult career working various IT and leadership positions at top companies like GE, Great American and Paycor. His experience in management and customer service paired with his passion for Martial Arts lead him to the desire to run a martial arts school. It seemed like a perfect fit for Joel to start the second location of Club MMA in Campbell County, Kentucky in 2019 along with Head Coach Jeff Robison. Father of two and local to the Highland Heights area, Joel is dedicated to improving his community.


Current Rank:

• MMA House System - 1st Degree Black Belt

• BJJ - Blue Belt





Manager & Coach

Campbell County, Kentucky

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