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Club MMA offers mixed martial arts for ages 4 and up. Our goal is to empower students with knowledge, skills and confidence.

Our childrens programs are specifically designed to teach coordination, strength, balance, timing, and agility. More importantly we focus on building self-esteem, respect, sportsmanship, teamwork and determination. Our fun, action-packed classes are divided by age allowing your child to benefit from age-specific curriculum suited best for their stage of development. Children will learn to set goals and how to work hard to achieve them by earning rank in their programs. Each class ends with an important life talk giving them a solid foundation for development and values to confront various life experiences. Club MMA believes that an exciting atmosphere paired with positive reinforcement will lead to a childs success no matter what their skill level.

Club MMA offers a wide variety of martial arts and fitness programs for both Teens and Adults. Programs are designed to meet the needs of all students. Whether you are looking to just get in shape or for advanced fight training, Club MMA has a program to accommodate you and your goals.

1270 Ebenezer Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45233

513-941-CLUB (2582)

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Mixed Martial Arts

Upcoming Events:


$5 pre-bought ticket, $7 at door

FRIDAY, APRIL 4th - 7:15pm

Join us for our annual Magic Show, one of our favorite events of the year! Invite all your friends!

TIKE Tournaments

March 29 & 30, Sign up by March 14

JUNIOR Tournaments

April 12 & 13, Sign up by March 28

Modern Arnis Seminar

April 5th, 12-4pm

With Master Ken Smith. $45 per student.

St I. and St. Jude

We will once again be holding classes after school at St. Jude and St. Ignatius.

Please Click Here for session dates and details.